Nadine Ferris France’s 2014 Address: Self-Stigma: An Unspoken World of Unspoken Things

The third address of the 2014 Annual Irish Aid Father Michael Kelly HIV/AIDS Event at the Irish Forum for Global Health International Conference was delivered by Father Michael’s second invited speaker, Nadine Ferris France. Ms. Ferris France is an Ireland-based HIV/AIDS researcher and advocate, and is the Operations Director of the IFGH and ESTHER Ireland.

In her thought-provoking and innovative address, Ms. Ferris France spoke around the topic of Self-Stigma – hitherto neglected among HIV and AIDS programmes research – and the power which might be harnessed among people living with HIV to overcome its worst effects. You can watch her address in full here:

You can also download her presentation slides by clicking the image below:

Nadine Ferris France_2014_presentation image

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