Featured speaker: Dr. Stuart Gillespie

In addition to Father Michael’s address, the 2008 World AIDS Day event featured a dynamic discourse from Dr. Stuart Gillespie on the interactions between HIV/AIDS with food and nutrition security.  Outlined in his work with the International Food Policy Research Institute, Dr. Gillespie emphasized the importance of bringing together international networks of researchers, policy makers, advocates, civil society across public and private organizations.  He shared the realities of the vicious cycle of malnutrition and HIV:

2008_HIV malnutrition cycle

Disease pathways and interactions are complex. Relationships are dynamic and few, if any, are linear.  

Dr. Gillespie focussed on the efforts of incorporating a holistic approach to ameliorating the impacts of malnutrition, livelihood insecurity and HIV through the integration of social protection, and agricultural programs with targeted nutritional and health interventions.

You can view Dr. Gillespie’s engaging speech here:


Featured speaker Connell Foley:

Connell Foley of Concern Worldwide also presented at the event with an International NGO perspective on the relationship between HIV, Nutrition and Food Security. Outlines some of Concern’s community based projects at the time which aimed to reduce risk, susceptibilities and vulnerabilities for those communities affected by HIV/AIDS in terms of food production and personal agency and resilience.


Featured Adverts and News:

With this year’s World AIDS Day event Irish Aid produced a special advertising feature with news articles, highlighting achievements, and ongoing goals around overseas commitments to fighting HIV/AIDS.

The featured series and news articles can be found by clicking the image below:


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