Dr. Zeda Rosenberg’s 2010 Address: Giving Women Power Over AIDS

The CEO of the International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM), Dr. Rosenberg, gave the John Kevany Memorial Lecture as part of the 2010 World AIDS Day event at NUI Maynooth. Her lecture titled ‘New Science, New Hope: Giving Women Power Over HIV/AIDS’, introduced the various biological, economic and socio-cultural factors that make women more vulnerable to HIV transmission, and offered a unique perspective on some of the recent biomedical accomplishments and collaborations on the road from AIDS treatment to HIV prevention.

As an expert in the field of HIV biology and prevention, Dr. Rosenberg has been an incredible advocate for women’s health and empowerment.  Her active role in research and the development of new microbicidal technologies has helped ensure the availability of safe and effective HIV prevention products for women across the globe.

Dr. Rosenberg’s presentation and accompanying audio recording can be viewed by clicking the images below.


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