2011 Opening Address by Dr. Mphu Keneiloe Ramatlapeng, Minister of Health, Lesotho

As the Executive Vice President of HIV/AIDS and TB Programmes for the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Dr. Mphu Ramatlapeng offered a genuine and experienced perspective on local and international health management providing public health services to local communities in the face of enduring systemic challenges. She spoke of the problematic shortages of healthcare professionals, inadequate institutional provision of training, and the resulting adaptation and progressive nature of the national health system in Lesotho.

Dr. Ramatlapeng outlined this situation and response, discussing collaborations with the Kenyan Government and Irish Aid that had provided external nursing staff and training support from the Kenyan Health system, and which led to a dramatic increase in the number of locally trained and HIV-competent nurses and healthcare workers in her home country of Lesotho.

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Following her address, Dr. Ramatlapeng also took part in a brief question and answer session, which can be listened-to below.

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